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"Heather Kinsey is one of the most reliable, courteous and dedicated proffreaders (sic)  I have ever worked with."  Jonathan Eisen, Editor, UNCENSORED

" We all agree it's a great little book" -  Christchurch i-site

"...I have found it very difficult once you are fully engrossed in your writings to be objective about how the reader may or may not conceive your meaning... I asked Heather to proofread what I had written and her work gave me a wider perspective to my own writing. During the correcting I was able to advance ideas to a level that I hadn't seen previously due to my involvement..." - Kas McEntyre, author

"Heather's enthusiasm and professionalism were evident throughout the planning of the UK tour. It was a pleasure working with her, and we look forward to continuing to do so." - Geoff Millar, Managing Director, tourwithusnow ltd

"From start to finish of the tour we were treated like royalty. Nothing was too much trouble for Heather, and she helped to make sure it really was the trip of a lifetime." - Wilda Parker

"Many thanks for your highly valued synopsis of my manuscript. It has given me a valuable insight on hoe to improve my writing. Not only that, it allows me to continue writing in my usual vein which is most gratifying." - Graeme Mackie

" It has been the tour of my life. One I will never forget." - Cindy Begg

"Wouldn't have missed it for quids!" - Barbara Gillespie

"I can't fault. Thank you for your courtesy and fun of course!" - Colleen























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