Another resolution broken:(

Last year I said I would work harder at keeping this page up to date - and promptly ignored it for nearly a whole year! My excuse is that my life was taken over last year doing a diploma in Te Reo Maori. As well as 6 hours per week in the classroom there was lots of mahi kainga (homework) and aromatawai (assessments) to do. and being a slow learner, that took a lot of extra time. Happily it paid off and I passed. I am not planning on continuing at a higher level this year, but hope to expand my knowledge of Maori culture, again at diploma level. Nevertheless, I really do intend to update this page monthly.
Work-wise, I continue to spend much of my time on disaster recovery planning - living in New Zealand it is not really wise to not have such a plan! I am also working with clients on scenarios to test such plans and Business Continuity Plans.

Posted: Thu 02 Jan 2020